Friday, May 27, 2011

5/24 - Riga

Finally some beautiful weather for riding. CNB animated the beginning of the race with a couple attacks from the gun. Dorschel bridged to both, the second of which managed to hold for the entire race (2 1/2 out of the 3 laps) as it contained members of most of the teams. Jim Q. successfully took both primes while Dorschel grabbed second both times. By the end of the race the break had whittled down from 7 members to 5. Jeff (Park Ave) and Jeff (Twin Line) had a photo finish for first place in the sprint. Unfortunately there were no cameras and it was left to a coin toss. Dorschel managed third place to end a successful night.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5/17 - Fishers Crit

Well, it's not Tuesday if it's not raining. A hardy crew showed up for the Fishers Crit in drizzling weather. I was looking for some good racing after the Chili sabotage last week. I was soon off the front with Phil (SBR) for a handful of laps until the prime arrived and we got pulled back with the line in sight. Unfortunately we had lost half our team by that time as Brent flatted and Michel wasn't feeling it. The pack was hesitant to let anything off the front, although the juniors survived for a few laps in front and continue to look stronger each week. As the next prime arrived Coyle (Nalgene) took a solo flyer for a lap. Brent (after a quick wheel change) delivered a great leadout and I was able to snag second place. Scott then took off and tried to pull a group of 3 away but the cooperation wasn't there. The pace remained high until 5 laps remained. Phil took off and held a tenuous gap but there were too many determined to wait for a sprint. Brent did some more great work at front but Park Ave delivered the goods with Doug in first and Jeff in second. I grabbed third and Scott finished fast in sixth. For such miserable weather, perhaps the best part was that there were no crashes to speak of. Hopefully the sun will shine next week...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/7/2011 New York State road race championship, Bristol, NY

High expectations were dashed today with a flat tire nine miles into the race. I hit a pothole while tucked into the pack. This caused a pinch flat with a slow leak. The tire was completely flat by the top of Egypt hill and my race was over. That's racing.

Thanks to Mrs. Davis for the ride back to the parking lot.

Thanks also to Mark and Mike at Swain Sports for the Dura Ace cassette to help get me up the hills.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3 Mendon

Geoff's description of the Parish North race would describe this race as well. Wet, cold weather, early attacks, and a broken apart race characterized tonight's action. After some early breaks were brought back, groups of one and two pried away from the pack and formed into a gang of seven, leaving the peloton out of sight and racing for scraps. Jim Quadrini flatted out of the break with two miles to go. Sad, since he initiated the action. Geoff took a prime and finished third behind Doug and Phil. Great job, especially considering he was shivering before he got on the bike and all the way back to the parking lot. I'm not sure he was ever warm during the race either.