Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6/27 - Wheatland

Sunny skies and warm temperatures led to the decision to make it a long night - 45 miles of racing (5 laps). Half way through the first lap and Rick (SBR) and Deats (Dick Ide) had already launched off the front. Knowing their strength, I made an attempt to bridge up to them on the gradual uphill section. However, they proved too strong and I sat up after a few miles. As I was being caught, Brent counterattacked and took a few riders with him. The mix of riders looked promising, but the cooperation never fully materialized and they were brought back. A few miles later and Scott took off on a solo attack. He looked strong out on his own for half a lap, but the windy conditions and determined peloton spelled doom. Coming up to the prime on lap 2, Brent was aggressive at the front of the group and helped to stretch things out. Michel offered to lead out the sprint for me and hopped on Pete Hoag's (RUUD) wheel - a wise choice. Pete pulled a few of us off the front and ended up taking the points. I couldn't come around Michel and he held on for second. The prime split up the group and I soon noticed Burri (CNB) and Coyle (Nalgene) flying past me. I hopped on their wheel and Pete joined us. The four of us worked well together, and it was apparent that Pete and Burri are stong TT'ers. The gap was tenuous for the next couple of laps but we continued to work a paceline. We rotated through on the lap 4 prime without a sprint - we were all determined to make the break stick. We could see the peloton closing at the end of lap 5 and so we held off on the cat and mouse games until after the final hills. Knowing the break had some strong sprinters I tried to surprise them with an early attack. It didn't work and I was unable to catch back on. Pete took a well deserved win, Coyle was second, and Burri rounded off the podium. The group came in soon after with Michel showing some good form by taking the group sprint. All in all, a fantastic night of racing for Team Dorschel. See you on Parish Hill next week!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Full Moon Vista Grand Prix

The Cycling Team hit the streets of Rochester this weekend at multiple races throughout Monroe County. Friday night saw Michel and Scott finish 9th and 12th respectively, on the technical crit course at Genesee Valley Park. Brent was able to hang with some of the top masters in the northeast through most of the 35 lap race and finished 3rd in his age group.

Geoff tackled the hills around Powder Mills Park on Saturday. The wet roads, combined with some twisty, high speed descents put some riders on the ground, but Geoff was able to keep it upright and make it to the line with the lead pack. Still feeling the effects of his Tuesday night win, he finished 9th in the sprint on a tight, narrow finale.

Sunday saw Scott racing early at the Durand Eastman circuit course. A large field of 48 category 4/5 riders started, but potholes, dirt sections, tight turns, crashes and an uphill finish left only 22 riders crossing the finish line. Too many riders and not enough road made the uphill sprint a challenge, but Scott was able to finish 11th. A smaller field of masters riders took to the course for the 28 mile race. Brian Cardona (Nalgene) made the early break while his team controlled the pace. Brent was pulled from the field with 3 to go, but managed another 3rd in his age group.

This was a great race weekend to support the Rochester race scene and get maximum exposure for our sponsors. Thanks to Full Moon Vista and GVCC for a great event.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

5/31 - Rush

Teamwork nets Dorschel it's first W of the year!
90 degree temps promised some tough racing on Tuesday. A small group of A riders brought another surprise as the two groups merged to race together. The results were to be kept separate, so additional strategy would be involved. The A riders helped keep the pace high for the first couple of laps. The second time up the backside hill brought difficulty as I dropped my chain and went from fifth wheel to standing in the middle of the road. I finally got the chain on and looked up to see a sizable gap to the field and figured my night was over. Then I saw Brent waiting to pace me back on. We joined up at the top of the hill and I was safely back in the group by the north end of the course. That effort put an end to Brent's night and I knew I had to make it worthwhile. As the laps wore on, the field slowly whittled. With 3 laps to go a marshal held up the flag and the field was split in two. Unfortunately, I was not in the first group and found myself chasing again. A group of chasers started bridging the gap a lap later, thanks mainly to Jack's (FMV) efforts on the backside hill. By the main hill, the gap was almost closed. Over the next half lap, one by one, three of us (Jack, myself, and SBR rider Adam) managed to bridge to the front group - only half a lap remained. It was a mad sprint up the hill that saw Adam and Jack pull free. I knew this was my chance - if I could bridge up without any other Cat 4 riders, I would have the race won. I clawed my way up and immediately went to the front to prevent any other riders from joining us. I led out the sprint not caring about winning the sprint, just trying to maintain our gap. I finished third, but managed to be the first Cat 4 across the line. Thanks to Brent for keeping me in the race! Good luck to all taking part in FMV's races this weekend.