Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Syracuse Road Race

The Dorschel Cycling Team p/b Reed Eye Associates produced another podium finish at the Tour de Syracuse Road Race Classic last weekend. Nick was able to survive a long breakaway to finish third in the Cat 5, 55 mile race. Jochen also had a great effort, finishing fifth in the same race. Their strong results will have them racing with the rest of the Dorschel team in the Cat 4's soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bristol Road Race - photo links to Your Pal Marnie

This link is for a set of 270 photos of the Bristol Road Race.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Bristol Road Race 5/12/12
By: Nick Leonard

The combined over/under 30 Cat 5 race saw 40 strong heading out to complete 2 laps (17 miles  each).  The first 7 miles of lap 1 were tame with everyone trying to stay sheltered in the head wind and a little shaken after passing the Cat 4 crash.  The climb up CR33 was fast and steady without any real attacks.  Hitting Egypt Hill separated the group with me launching an attack half way up only to be caught and counter attacked by some under 30 guys.  It was at this juncture that the eventual winner of the under 30 group turned up the heat and began to separate from the group of 15 leaders.  By the time the chase group reached the top and turned the corner to head back into Bristol Valley, the lone racer had a 15-30 second gap.  I tried to inspire the others in the chase group to work together to track him down, but this came without much response.  The chase group swelled at this point with Jochen giving it his all heading downhill.  By the time we completed the first lap there was a 1 min gap, which continued to grow.

Heading into the second lap the group started to work together a little better as other riders becoming frustrated with the situation put the pressure on those not working.  In this humble writers opinion it is better to work hard and race for 1st than it is to hold back and race for 2nd, but that’s just me.  Heading up CR33 on the second lap saw the chase group beginning to catch up with the remnants of the Cat 4 race.  Small attacks began to happen and the group pushed hard to Egypt Hill. I launched an attack half way up and was countered by the under 30 guys.  It was at this point that I gave it my all to hold onto the wheel in front of me.  Unfortunately, that wheel lost control and crashed in slow motion heading up hill and I ran over the pristine Bianchi before crashing myself.  Luckily it was at 8mph and no major damage was done outside of a scraped knee and palm.  I gave the bike a once over and asked the rider if he was okay.  I quickly jumped back on my bike and took an inventory of what was working (brakes, check, shifter, check, knee, check).  With adrenaline now securely taking over, I raced to the top alone, and turned the corner knowing I needed to carry as much speed as possible.  I pushed a big gear on the descent in an effort to recover.  One last out of the saddle effort over the small hill just before the final drop into the valley and a sprint to the finish secured my position.  A little under a minute later, Jochen crossed.  Unsure of the split between the over/under riders, we both knew we were in the top 10.  When the results were posted, to our surprise, we finished 1-2 for the over 30 group.  With the hard fought efforts and slow speed crash, this was a very meaningful result for us and Team Dorschel / Reed Eye Associates.  I’d like to thank Craig from The Mendon Cyclesmith for his great work on my bike this week in prep for the race.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Geoff earned a tough 14th place finish in the Cat 4 race with three laps.  Being his longest ride of the season, this is an amazing result.  Scott gave it his best and offered words of encouragement to Jochen and I on Egypt Hill.  Steve turned himself inside out in the Masters 45-54 (Cats 1-4) Race and should be very proud of his accomplishment.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The fireworks started early as Brent attacked on the first corner and was quickly joined by five more riders. It was all over but the suffering as Doug (Park Ave Multisport), Mike D (Dick Ide), and Mike M, Jim Q, and Frank (CNB) pace-lined out of sight of the pack. The breakaway was able to maintain a solid pace with no chasers in sight and ground out the miles. Frank retired on lap six with back spasms but the group carried on. Brent was gapped at the finish of lap 8 but was able to catch back on to contest the finish at the end of 9 laps. Doug launched a vicious attack at the base of the final hill that left everyone in his dust while Mike M., Jim, Brent and Mike D. crossed the line for the minor placings.