Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 in a row!

It was another beautiful night for racing and the G-Tour was at the Mendon course.  The Mendon course is a good one because it has some rollers, some wind and enough turns and hills to allow a break to get out of sight making it easier to stick to the end!  On the 1st lap Nick went off the front to set the tone immediately, this was going to be a tough race.  He was eventually caught before the end of the first lap but it was a good way to get the race going.  Immediately after the end of the 1st lap Geoff rolled off the front with no immediate reaction from the group giving someone the opportunity to launch in to a bridge and get a break going and that's exactly what happened.  Frank from CNB was the first to make a move and Dave saw the opportunity and jumped too.  Doug from Park Ave also made the move and the break was on!  The four riders were working well together and extending the gap over the main group.  Bob from Pedallers bridged a  little later in lap 2 and a solid break of 5 was putting the hammer down.  The break of 5 guys continued to extend their gap over the main field throughout the next two laps however the pace was taking its toll on some of the guys and on lap 3 Bob and Doug were dropped.  Frank, Geoff and Dave continued to work together until Frank was lost on lap 4 and Geoff fell off on lap 5.  Dave was left to solo the last nine minutes of the race and crossed the line well ahead of the main group for his third G-Tour win in a row!

In the bunch sprint Jochen showed his sprinting chops and got in there for a 6th place!

Awesome showing by the whole Dorschel/Reed Eye team!

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