Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bunch finish at Wheatland

Finally some nice spring weather for a Tuesday race and the Dorschel/Reed Eye team took advantage.  The group raced four laps with primes on laps 1, 2, and 3 and Dorschel was in the mix for all the points!  On lap one Nick was off the front however wasn't able to entice anyone to bridge to him and was caught before the two rollers on the finish road.  Points were up for grabs as we crossed the finish line for the first time so Dave gave it a go and was narrowly edged out for 1st but was able to pick up the 2nd place points for the prime.  As the 2nd lap continued guys continued to try and get off the front however pack welding was the theme of the night and the group came together again before the 2nd prime.  Again Dave went for more points and was again narrowly edged out for 1st place points and had to settle for 2nd.  The third lap was very similar to the first two however this time Dave couldn't be denied and won the prime.  Lap four again had attacks some of which looked like they had the legs to stay away but it wasn't to be and the sprint would be on for the finish.  It was a hectic sprint with many guys starting their sprint too early but Dave was there at the end and took the sprint win by half a wheel!  Jerry also got in the points with a strong 5th place finish!

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